I thought I’d never do this…

I thought I’d never overshare on the internet about the goings on of my private life. I mean I had a personal blog before (still have it?!), where I shared about things that happened in my life, but never to this extent. Some of my friends know that I’m having a hard time conceiving, but half of them are single and sympathetic and the other half are married with babies and pity us. Either way, it makes me feel bad always sharing details with them, so I thought a blog was an appropriate venting space. At this point, we’ve been attempting to conceive a child for a year and a half and I need to get the humor out somewhere. Journaling with pens is cumbersome for me and since I basically stalk all other fertility blogs online, I thought I’d throw my stories out there for some other frantic woman to read until it’s 1 am. (And then she goes into a panic about how she’s not getting enough sleep to be fertile…)

So basically, this is going to be a blog about my journey towards beating the odds, having babies and how ridiculous the whole process can seem when you really take a step back. 

Enjoy, and if you REALLY enjoy, leave a comment, it will make my day : ) 




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