update: #thirdtimesnotthecharm

It didn’t work… what a huge bummer. My temperatures looked great after the last IUI cycle, until day 28 when they plummeted. So.sad. 

We’ve decided to take a break from the IUIs until we get more info on the sperm and their functionality. I have a new appointment with a more natural doctor who is also Catholic. It’s not superstitious, but I’m hoping I will feel more at peace being around a Doctor who understands why we aren’t interested in IVF. Updates to follow…


{disclaimer… I know some people say that IUI is not part of the Catholic church’s plan for procreation, but I found multiple credible sites (I will post at sometime) that state IUI is fine for a sperm issue as long as there is consummation on that day. This may be a theological gray area, but I’m honest about our decision. I only ask that people save the judgement for their minds and not their mouths. Good karma reigns supreme here}


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