You’ve got to be &*%#ing kidding me, right?


(saved post from September 2013)

So I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my RE’s office. Ugh. Mental note- saying “my RE’s office” so casually has helped me to realize that this shit is real and I need to own up to the infertility game. I digress.

So I get a letter from the office. I’m thinking it’s another bill (shocking!) or some nasty letter telling me my bill is overdue (we paid that a week ago, thankyouverymuch). Nope, it’s a sweet letter from my doctor. She’s so great. Wait- what’s this? (I keep reading) oh, you’re going to pass me on to someone else. No big deal… oh wait, what?! WHY?! Oh, YOU’RE pregnant. I would add it to my tally list, but at this point I’ve stopped counting. I think it would be a really fun game to use for taking shots of liquor, but unfortunately I’ve sworn off drinking until a small human comes out of my nether parts. People, this could take a while.

So, congrats to my RE for so cleverly concealing her pregnancy (does that make me the a-hole that I saw her 2 months ago and didn’t notice, or that I saw her in the hallway 2 days ago and didn’t notice…?! oopsie!). I hope that everything goes well for her and whatever she did she can magically transfer to me in January, if there’s not a little human depending on me for survival by then. Only time will tell, no?


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