T minus one day… and one follicle.

I had my follow-up ultrasound yesterday and the news was good. I have 3 follicles on the left (one of the three is slightly behind, but that’s okay, I believe it’s gonna happen!) the other follicle that was measuring 13, went down to 12, so it was out of the running. Bummer. The other 3 follicles were 21, 18 and 16, so that was pretty good and I’m feeling hopeful. My lining is over 10, and everything feels great! They prescribed intercourse for yesterday- Doctor’s orders : ) And my trigger shot.

After that I got my blood drawn. Now you would think if you are a phlebotomist (that’s the right term, right?) and you worked at a FREAKING fertility clinic you would be great at taking blood from depressed women’s arms… right?! No. not this lady. Not only is she BAD at it (I’ve nicknamed her Jabby McJabberson) her bedside manner is awful. She complains about her kids, the weather, and basically everything else in the living world.  In my head I’m “like listen lady, I’ve got shit to complain about too” while simultaneously willing her to  pay attention to that effing needle she’s jabbing into my pretty little veins. Ouch!

Speaking of ouch- I don’t remember the Ovidrel trigger being so touchy… but I was at my cousin’s hockey game and had to go to the nasty, non-sterile bathroom to shoot up. Thank God the Ovidrel is preloaded- I thought it would be super easy, I have been giving myself injections daily… Anyway, I open the cap, get rid of the air, pinch my skin, push, and…. it. doesn’t. go. in. WTF?! I’m sweating in this small bathroom stall with lots of high school girls who are not wearing pants (they’re wearing tights, which are NOT pants), my thighs are shaking from holding up my purse and scarf so they don’t touch any nasty surface, and now I’m bleeding onto my anthropologie jeans because I didn’t jab the needle hard enough. Second time I pinch as hard as I can and basically whack myself until the needle goes in. Ouch indeed. I pushed the meds in (on the left side of course- pop follicles!!!) and went on my way. Later I treated myself to some gluten free pizza, which was FABULOUS.

All in all, though- I’m pretty excited for the procedure tomorrow. My Valentine’s day evening will consist of acupuncture, a bath and going to bed early- I’m wild. The day of the procedure will include sleeping in, yoga, and more acupuncture after the transfer. It’s a rough life, but somebody’s gotta do it : ) I’m pretty hopeful with 3 follicles and a great sperm samples… Hopefully this will be the one!

Here’s to baby dust for Valentine’s Day!


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