Deed is done.

Well, we had our first IUI post-varicocele surgery today, so I’m re-starting the clock. Time from now on will be considered after surgery/anno surgery or AS.

Today we had IUI # 1. Based on previous experiences, I have quite the pre-IUI routine, and here it goes:

2 days before the IUI (the day of the ultrasound and the “let’s go” appointment) I had a Mayan Abdominal Massage appointment. This was actually my gateway fertility treatment into the land of crazy. I had spent some time in Guatemala and found the treatment through holistic circles. Anyway, I met with my massage therapist to work on helping my body relax and getting some tension out. She has worked with me quite a bit in the past, since August of 2012 (side bar- massage is amazing, even if you aren’t currently doing fertility treatment, it’s such a gift to your body!), and this time noticed that my body felt calm, relaxed and open- all things I’ve been working hard on since we first started to meet. This was promising in many ways. She also noted that my energy was open and nourishing- the perfect combo for welcoming a baby.

After my appointment I did my Ovidrel injection and followed the “doctor’s orders”. Friday (Valentine’s Day) went off without a hitch, and I did my pre-insemination ritual. First I went to my acupuncture office and got their pre-IUI treatment. It’s a stimulating treatment so it only takes takes about 30 minutes (instead of the usual hour). I came home after that and watched the olympics (men’s single skate where EVERYONE fell), then I took a long bath with easter lilly infusion. After that I heated a pot of boiling water for a vaginal steam. I know that seams CRAZY with a capital C, but it’s supposed to do wonders. So… I opened up Winnie The Pooh (my favorite children’s book and most handy read) and steamed it up for 20 minutes. At that point I was super relaxed and ready for sleep.

I woke up the day of the IUI ready to go- The Man jetted off to leave his sample just as Team USA and Russia completed their shoot out. Being a good wife (duh!) I texted him a 15 message play by play. He came back and I drank some green tea and raspberry tea to make my bladder full, and went into the office. I said a prayer and put the out come in God’s hands. Then I took dramamine (I did NOT want a repeat of barf-a-pa-looza). The nurse commented on how soft my cervix was and how easy it was to get the catheter through (score one for vaginal steam baths)- I actually didnt’ even feel it!

All in all we had a total motility of 64% (just a month ago it was 35%!!!) and from that they got 6 million SUPER swimmers and I had 3 follicles. This is the best news we’ve ever received. The nurse left the room and I started my visualization (using colors… my eggs were golden yellow, and my uterus was a glowing purple, in case you were wondering) and put on the Eva Cassidy pandora station. I visualized the eggs releasing, meeting the sperm and gently settling into their squishy home in my uterus.  Just as I started to feel some slight cramping a beautiful instrumental song came on that I didn’t recognize. As I looked at the title, it said, “Believe”. I knew that things would be okay and I spent the full 20 minutes visualizing fertilization and a term pregnancy. I got up feeling relaxed and content, and as I peered outside the most beautiful snow was falling- I felt like I was inside a snow globe. I drove (carefully) to the acupuncture appointment, where I dreamt that I was pregnant. When I woke up, my acupuncturist told me that my  (chinese) pulse was the best he had felt on me in the full year that I had been there.  All in all, it was a lovely day. I rested/watched the Olympics and went out to dinner with some friends.

I’ve got a blood test in two weeks, and many progesterone suppositories to insert, but I have to say, this is the most relaxed I’ve felt. The universe is sending some incredible vibes my way and I’m here to receive them. I’m open and ready for the next adventure : )


2 thoughts on “Deed is done.

  1. It sounds like your IUI went wonderfully, I’m so happy to hear how peaceful you felt! I’m certain that will help the outcome. Best of luck with your 2WW!

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