CD7 and hopeful….

Well… that cycle busted. I got my P+11 blood draws back and my progesterone was going back down. The good news is that everything looked fine and was doing well, the bad news is that Aunt Flo came in a rage. Let me backtrack, it could have been worse…

Last week was my spring break, so we went on a family trip to Disneyworld. Why would I decide to go to a place that attracts children and fertile families of all ages, you ask? Because I. FREAKING. LOVE. DISNEY. Not in a “I have disney paraphernalia all over my office” or “all of my key chains are disney-themed” or “here’s my collection of fantastmic shirts” kind of way, but as an only child, Disneyland was THE PLACE we went for vacations and it brings back really sweet memories of fun, and my parents, and magic. The weekend was great- we stayed at a Disney resort and hit all 4 theme parks. I even did well with all of the pregnancies and newborns surrounding us (sidenote: WHY would you bring a newborn to Disney?! I can see being pregnant because that isn’t always planned, but you know 8/9 months before a newborn’s a-comin… anyway) 

I also decided, after reflecting on my last blog post- to just go on rides and enjoy myself. I did not imbibe alcoholic beverages, but I had my spins on space AND splash mountain as well as some new rides at Animal Kingdom and the dreaded Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. All in all, a wonderful vacation. We pretended we were pregnant, and it all seemed like a perfect way to enter into it until we got home and AF had shown up on the plane. Super bummer. I left the sunny weather for frigid temperatures, 8 inches of snow, and yucky cramps. But if I’m trying to look on the bright side (which I am) this means a new chance at another cycle. So here’s the info: 

CD3 I started injections of 75mcg Follistim. I also started taking a thyroid med (super low level) to balance myself out. 

CD8 (tomorrow) I have my first ultrasound to see how I’m responding. I feel bloated and crampy, so we’ll see. I’m hoping I respond well like last time (maybe get a few more follies!)

Then we see what happens. This month I’m trying SUPER hard to live in the moment. No calculating next month’s ovulation, etc. I’m just trying to be. 

Any and all tips on how to do that are welcome : ) 


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