Today’s shaping up to be pretty neat…

I went in for my CD3 (although it’s actually CD2) ultrasound today. 

I have a small 10mm cyst probably left over from my ovulation last month. I have 23 follicles on the left and 19 on the right (antral follicles or ladies in waiting). I asked again if they thought I had PCOS and they said no, “You’re just young and have more eggs”. I’ll take it! 

They’ve upped my meds to 150iu starting tomorrow, with a saline infused sonogram and ultrasound next week. We are getting it done. And because we hit the deductible no fee for the Follistim- woop woop!

ALSO I baked awesome cookies tonight for choir (I gave ALL of them away- talk about self control!), and ended up getting a solo for Sunday! I’m excited about this post-Easter jammin’ music and really excited to be able to test my voice a bit after four years singing back up. I feel really good about it : ) 

I was also presented with another job opportunity- I can take it or keep my current job. Same pay, etc. but I’m excited that I could have another option… I’ll be doing pro/con lists ASAP to see what sits right with me, as my supervisor wants a decision by early May (that’s like, next week!).

I’ve got 5 hypnosessions scheduled, and I’m looking forward to starting that work : ) 

And on top of all of that stuff… I just feel happy and lighter. There were times in the past few years where it was a struggle to be happy- I felt heavy, weighed down, and today I just feel good. So… I’m going with it. I’m visualizing my big pregnant belly, I’m letting myself imagine how to decorate the nursery and daydreaming about what our babies’ faces will look like…

It’s a good day friends!


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