And the results are in…

Who’s ready for 10 babies?! 

Not this kid- but I’ll take what I can get : ) 

I went to the clinic today for my day 8 ultrasound. My estrogen was around 650, my lining is 11b and I have a total of 10 follicles. To recap what I’ve been doing this cycle: 

– Meditation daily 

– Visualizing ( 4 follicles on my right sized 14, 15, 15, 16 and 2 on my left at 14 and 15) 

– Castor Oil packs nightly 

– Raspberry Tea 

– Actually chilling out! 

So… I go in tomorrow morning (had a 50iu shot tonight) to see if some of the follicles fall back. As per usual- I’ve done quite a bit of online “researching” and it seems like it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to trigger and do an IUI with this many follicles considering our sperm counts previously. However, it’s up to the clinic to make that decision based on their facts. We have decided that even if they “cancel” the cycle, we will still go for it the natural way. I’m feeling too good this cycle (about everything, really) that I don’t want to waste it. 

What I will keep doing: 

– visualizing a pregnancy and babies at the end. 

On another note- my husband passed a certification examination that he’s been studying for off/on for 4 years!!! I brainwashed him into visualizing that he passed and it has been a WONDERFUL DAY!!! 



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