Risky business…


(This title is two-fold, one- we’ve got a lot of follicles present this cycle and two, as a result sometimes I wish I could run around in my underwear and a white shirt because the bloating I’m experiencing is un.com.for.table.)

Well, where do I start? 

Maybe with yesterday… Yesterday we had the first ultrasound and they measured 10 follicles that had the *potential* to be mature. So… we dialed down my dose and hoped they would back off for today’s ultrasound. In the meantime I have not been able to eat full meals, or button my pants for long periods of time (true story, it’s been kind of painful!). So I go in this morning and that damn wand just kept finding eggs all over. So the final count was: (first number is yesterday/second is today)

Right side:                                     Left side: 

14/ 19                                            14/16

13/15.5                                          13/16

13/15                                             12/15.5

12/14                                             ?/13

12/13                                             ?/12

So… I now have 10 follicles that have matured and could possibly fertilize and my estradiol jumped from 650 yesterday to 1038 today, which indicates there are some strong eggs there. Obviously they cancelled my cycle (see this study and look at the bottom with Estradiol # and follicle size). But… (and I know some of you are going to scream or say I’m irresponsible)… I think we’re gonna try the natural way. I’m not doing an Ovidrel trigger (I don’t want to give them any more momentum) but we’re not going to avoid. I’ve had cycles before with 3 eggs and no luck, and I know that 3 vs 10 is a different story, but only 6 are over 15, so… we’re gonna go for it. I’ll keep you posted on the results and I will continue to do progesterone suppositories. 

I’m actually pretty surprised with how my body reacted to this cycle- a friend of mine actually commented and said that this was more like an IVF cycle than an IUI- and I kind of agree. I’m just excited for when I actually ovulate and some of the pressure in my lady parts goes away. All along I’ve had a really good feeling about this cycle. I’ve been visualizing my follicles (4 follicles on my right and 2 on my left… which is weirdly close to what happened) and my lining (11!) and ending up with twins from this cycle. Now, I know things may not happen, but I have had such a better mental state this cycle visualizing positive outcomes for myself. For the first time in a while I can actually see myself pregnant and holding babies. I can see my husband with our babies and I see our nursery. This feels closer than it has in a very long time. 

Time will tell, and I’ll keep ya’ll posted. Until then, I’m scouring my house for stretchy pants and skirts 🙂 


ps- if you have a mean/hateful comment please keep it to yourself. I am an adult and fully aware of the risks of the decisions I’ve made. Thank you.




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