Super response update…

So… It’s CD12 and I still haven’t registered an LH surge on the OPK.

I was advised NOT to do the HCG trigger because I would “ovulate on my own”. I have to say I’m getting a little bit frustrated, because now I definitely have 10 follies that are legit. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not complaining about having a good response, but my abdomen is pretty swollen, still. I’ve been chugging the Gatorade and staying hydrated. We BD’d on CD 10, but since I still haven’t BD’d I called the office today and the nurse was not happy with me. She told me to take the Provera, I declined, and asked her if I needed to come in for an ultrasound to see if I ovulated or to test my estrogen. She would not answer my questions and just kept saying, “I will document that you are refusing Provera.” I told her to go ahead and document it and to write that I completely understand the risks, but also to tell me what to do if I don’t ovulate soon- I mean if follicles grow 1-3 mm a day, and my follies were at this level 3 days ago…

Right side:                                     Left side:                                           Guestimates for now…

14/ 19                                            14/16                                                  25-30   and     20-24

13/15.5                                          13/16                                                 19.5-23.5   and    20-24

13/15                                             12/15.5                                               19-23      and     19.5-23.5

12/14                                             ?/13                                                    18-22      and      17-21

12/13                                             ?/12                                                     17-21      and      16-20

But I mean, really- who KNOWS what’s going on in my uterus. I know my lining was good, and that’s about it. After the phone call with the nurse I was kind of freaked out, but in this whole process it’s been best for me to listen to my intuition, and I’m still feeling good about this cycle. The question is whether or not we continue to BD up until ovulation.  I’m kind of thinking whatever- if we are in the mood (mood? what’s that?! no scheduled intercourse, wahoo!) then we go for it, if not, we see what happens.



2 thoughts on “Super response update…

  1. Way to be a rebel and cause a special note in your chart! HA! But seriously I am bummed for you that you haven’t had a surge yet. Any ideas on what’s next if you don’t get it? Ugh, I am thinking about you lots and sending magical baby dust your way. I still am not sure if such thing exists but if it does, its being hypothetically sent to you in buckets.

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