STIMS started!

So Lupron has been going alright for me. The only weird side effects I have had are 3 splitting headaches. I think this may have been exacerbated by my summer job- I work in special education with high school students who are very delayed and are on the autism spectrum. One of my students (whom I just met) got excited, grabbed my hair, and pulled out two fistfuls of it. So… I think that probably helped those Lupron headaches along. Anyway, I’m pretty happy there are less side effects.

Did I mention the 10 pound weight gain in the past 4 months- yeah… a bummer, but it won’t matter when I’m pregnant : )

I went in for my ultrasound yesteday morning and my lining is great- 2A and I have 17 follicles on one side and 21 on the other (Antral follicles). Now I know the likelihood of all of those little babies popping is slim- but I’m going to be hopeful because that’s really the only thing I can control in this whole process.

This morning I started my Menopur injections (along with 5ml Lupron- I hope that vial lasts!). They were kind of a pain to mix and then hard to get all the meds out of the vial. Oh well, I did the best I could and my stomach seems to be handling it’s life as a pincushion well. I am fairly certain that the castor oil packs (go here for info) are helping my stomach to not bruise or feel yucky. Yay for alternative medicine!

I continue to get community acupuncture twice a week and I will have another abdominal massage this week, and one between retrieval and transfer. I think I’ve hit all the points on my alternative medicine journey. The last piece is my hypnotherapy which I will talk about a bit more.

My hypnotherapy interest began after I read the book . It was an amazing book that talked about the connection between our mental capacity and our overall health. Throughout the book Mr. Schwartz discusses the merits of mind/body work with vignettes about women who struggled with infertility and how the missing puzzle piece for them was tuning their minds into the process.


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