UPDATE: Follistim/Menopur/Lupron

Yes, I am still a human pincushion.

My estrogen from Monday came back in good range and my next ultrasound is tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing how many follicles are coming up!!! Last check we had 17 on one side and 21 on the other (little antral guys) so I’m hoping for the best: good, healthy, and prolific eggs so that we can bank our future family. Full disclosure- I’d love to have at least 3-4 kids, and seeing as we are going this route to build our family, frostie babies seem the way to go. I know that seems super selfish, but I’m being honest about our goals. At this point I know what it’s like to be disappointed- at least I’m putting my desires out there into the universe.

So… the shots:
I’m still loving Follistim. This is when you know the infertility world has made you crazy- when you say you LOVE some shot. What kind of crazy person does that? This one. I love Follistim the most because it’s little, and kind, and doesn’t sting. Plus it’s SUPER EASY to set up. Point to you.

Lupron is annoying. I’m shooting a teardrop sized amount of medicine into my stomach. Why do I need to poke myself for this?! Whatever, as long as it works for my little embabies- I’m down. Keep on annoying me Lupron!

Menopur- yuck. I finally figured out how to mix and fill the vials efficiently, but that bugger still hurts when I put it in. The past 2 days it has burned as I’ve injected, but that has gone away with a little bit of stomach rubbing.

All in all, Only 2 little itty bitty bruises.

I’m a bit worried because a bunch of other IF’ers have used Ganirelix to prevent premature ovulation, and that’s not part of my protocol. So I’ll ask about that tomorrow. I think I’m at the point of information overload and I need to chill.

Finally- I had the first hot flash of my life today. Woah! What a weird experience. I was working on communication boards at work when I thought someone had turned on the heat. My whole body was radiating heat and I realized it was probably a hot flash. They’re tolerable so I’m sure it’s on the mild side, and really only about a week left of all this- I CAN DO IT!

Other things I’m still doing:
– I’ve continued with my castor oil packs
– I’ve started clenching my teeth again- something I do when I’m subtly stressed, so I’m trying to catch myself doing it and calm down
– daily hypnosis/meditation to visualize my pregnancy, the fertilization and our life with baby (S)!
– Yoga & Massage
– Eating healthy (no processed food, woot!)

I DID go and get a mani/pedi today. As a self proclaimed “crunchy” type I know that the chemicals in nail polish are not ideal for your body. BUT my Mom and I had a tradition of manis/pedis and I have been missing her a lot lately, so I got a pedi with her signature color to remind me she’s here. Plus one mani/pedi isn’t going to flip the odds.

Also- in work news- I have to file paperwork for the “HAIR PULLING” incident last week. UGH! Not only is a chunk of my hair missing, now I have to fill out HR paperwork for it. It’s not like I had to go to the doctor or want to press charges or anything like that. BUT… in good work news I have an interview tomorrow for a job I’ve been stalking for 2+ years. I hope it goes well- but if I’m only allowed a limited amount of life successes at one time- I choose a baby : )

More updates tomorrow with lining and follicles… I can’t believe this is actually happening- we’re going to be parents so soon!


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