STIMS day 5 & 7 update or… Underwhelmed

I went in on day 5 for my ultrasound and estradiol and there wasn’t much to see. On day 5 my estradiol was around 150 and I didn’t really have any follicles measuring about 11cm. My lining was under a 3. Bummer! 5 days of injections and not much to show? The OB tech had warned me before she wanded me that a lot of times this is too early to see anything. Ugh.

So… they upped my dose of Follistim to 150 and I kept on doing the tiny squirt of Lupron and my vial of Menopur. Last night friends came into town and we went out. I ordered my water on the rocks (obvi) and stayed out until 200am- so dumb. As I dragged my groggy ass to the ultrasound appointment at 715 this morning I was hoping for SOMETHING to show up. But again… I had 5 follicles (3 on right, 2 on left) that measured at 11cm, and 9 on left and 10 on the right that all measured at 8 or 9. Now, I know the point of IVF is to get a cluster of eggs coming up that are around the same size- so I suppose that’s what’s going on, but I just feel underwhelmed. I also hope to get more than 5 eggs… I mean, I had way more than that for just an IUI cycle. In IUI cycles with stims I would be at 15cm right now and at one point had 10 eggs. It just seems like I am taking so much more medicine and I was hoping there would be something more to show… but I guess not yet. The plus was that my lining is now a 9b, so in a few more days that should be right where it needs to be. I’m also experiencing a lot of EWCM, so I think that means my hormones are working the right way.

The upsides to my ovaries taking their sweet ass time are nice, though. The earliest I will retrieve would be Wednesday, more likely retrieving Thursday. This works well for my summer school schedule and will give me some nice R & R time over a long weekend. It also means that I’m not feeling super bloated yet- or really bloated at all. The nurse today said that would come pretty quickly, and that it’s common for the ovaries to “blow up” suddenly. I’m looking forward to it so we can make those babies!

Has anyone else every felt like this takes a long time? I’ve been on 7 days of stims and those follicles are still little itty bitties. My hope is that they come out as a sizable pack and are all super healthy and ready to be fertilized and become babies- a girl can hope, right?!


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