Stim day 9 update


Here’s another update on our road to IVF. First let me say the headaches and waking up at random intervals are back. Also, holy acne batman! I haven’t had it this bad since college, but it must mean the drugs are working. Plus, college girls are super fertile, right?!

So my lining today was a 10b, and I measured 15 follicles ranging from 11-13cm with 1-2 at 14. I had 15 others that measured 9-10, so I’m excited to see what happens at my ultrasound tomorrow. Either way, things are going well and I’m hoping they are all strong and healthy and ready to be fertilized!

Truth be told I’m actually getting pretty excited- we are SO CLOSE to having a baby! In just a few weeks we will know for sure and I am letting my hopes soar for this cycle.

I’m pumped to see what transpired tomorrow. I can definitely tell I’m “fuller” than normal… Good signs!

Bloggy love and good night!


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