We have a trigger!


So my final numbers before trigger are:
29 total follicles
15 that measure above 16/are mature (14 that are between 12-15- so they may mature?!)

I will trigger tonight and retrieve on Thursday.

I’ve been seeing some big numbers in the blogging world lately of eggs retrieved,
so I was kind of hoping for some more (I hope that doesn’t sound greedy). But I do hope that what we have is happy and healthy and that maybe we can get a few more so that we can do some frozen cycles in the future.

Think happy thoughts and I will practice being in the present : )
Woop woop!

Also the ultrasound tech. congratulated me on working so “hard”. I laughed it off- it’s not like most of this was in my control… But I’ll take the compliment.

One more shot!!!


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