The transfer

So the transfer was scheduled for Tuesday morning. On Monday they called and said that when the last looked at the embryos 9 were strong and 1 was lagging behind. I was thrilled! I was really hoping for strong numbers the day of transfer.

The day before the transfer we unexpectedly had friends in town, which was wonderful. We were able to go on walks, go out to eat at my favorite places around the city, go to a museum and get ice cream. It was great- and then that night I went to a Bachelorette “The Final Rose” viewing party, and tried out some Jamberry nails. All in all, it was a great way to keep my mind off of the transfer. I really enjoyed the jamberry nails (such a fun way to have trendy nails) and COULD NOT BELIEVE what Nick said to Andi about them sleeping together. What an episode!

The day of the transfer we were scheduled to be there at 830, but I needed to be there an hour earlier for my acupuncture session. Normally I do community acupuncture, but for this, I just wanted to do the sessions in the next room. The bonus was that the acupuncturist is actually a friend of a friend, so it was really special to have her as part of our special day. During the session I visualized “sewing” the embryos into my womb, and envisioned our life with our babies. As I was drifting off I heard a John Denver’s, “Annie’s song” which was one of my Mom’s favorites. I finally felt her presence with us, and I knew that she was with us, helping our babies settle in. They took out my needles and I walked to the next room for the transfer. Because I have a really weird vasovagal response to uterine stimulation they decided to put me under with Versed and Fentanyl for the transfer so that nothing would go wrong. I was afraid they would not let my husband in there while I was under anesthesia, but the doctor (our doctor who did the transfer!) allowed it. As the anesthesiologist gave me my “cocktail” I dozed off singing the “Sha la las” of Van Morrison’s, “Brown Eyed Girl”.

My husband said the transfer went really well. They put in 2 blastocysts that were almost hatching, and we had 5 that might make it to freeze for the next day. I did acupuncture again after the transfer, and was ready to go home. I spent all of yesterday on “bed rest” trying not to be up and about. I ate warm foods and kept my feet warm (warm feet=warm uterus).

Today I slept in and got the call that only 1 embryo made it to today to freeze. I was really sad. I know that there are 2 healthy ones in me- but I really wanted to have some extras. I knew I just had to put faith in the two inside me that things would go well.

Later this afternoon I got a call that an embryo they thought had stopped growing was actually just “taking a pause” so they were able to freeze it, too. So out of 14 eggs, we transferred 2, and have 2 frosties.

My emotions have been going back and forth all day. I’m super excited that we had 2 to transfer and so hopeful that they are making a comfy little home. But other times I’m worried about the outcome, about the next steps. I’m afraid to sneeze or go to the bathroom (either number) or really do anything without asking the doctor. I just hope and pray that this works.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers- we’ve got one more week until the beta- next Thursday! So until then I’m planning on finishing a lot of wayward crafts, organizing and getting ready for the little bebes.

Best of luck to everyone else cycling/waiting now : )


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