T minus 7 days or 3dp5dt (or that time I went crazy)


I have been googling WAYYYYY too much. At first I was freaked out because I feel like I’m not taking enough medicine- before the transfer I was doing 3 shots a day (medicine not booze… hahaha) plus other supplements, castor oil packs, etc. etc. I was a busy lady. Now I’m taking 4 vitamins, and 2 progesterone supplements with my estrogen patches starting tomorrow. Am I missing something? Did some other RE from some other woman’s case (who obviously had a blog, too) prescribe some other medicine I should take?!?! In the words of the new Bachelorette:


This is too much. I need to trust my doctors. Whatever protocol they use I need to trust it. Yes, It’s good to be my own advocate, but I am seriously going to go crazy if I continue to pretend I went to medical school for 8+ years to understand how to do this protocol. End of story, moving on. Except…

I wanted to go swimming. That’s okay, right? Looks like it’s not. Swimming laps is too vigorous- that’s out. Swimming in a lake could introduce bacteria. Tubing could knock the babies out (really?! that’s frightening!) and waterskiing is totally out of the question (good, I probably would have made a HUGE fool out of myself trying that). Okay, so basically I can sit in the boat in my one piece (to cover my new fertility treatment weight gain) and get tan.

Maybe I could snuggle with my husband. But no sex. Yes, I remember that, and no orgasm. Okie dokie. So we snuggled and kissed, but then… I got aroused?! Could that have been an orgasm? No… what about the change in blood flow? That has to be good for the babies, right? But what if I had an orgasm and I didn’t know it?! (insert eye roll)

OH MY GOSH. I need to be admitted. Please tell me that other people have these same irrational fears?

I actually had to lay down yesterday and say to myself (OUT LOUD!). You are pregnant with 2 beautiful babies. You have done everything you can to protect and care for them. They are making a cozy home. There is nothing you can do to help them but send them love and be happy.

Easier said that done…

In other news or ways I am trying to distract myself:
– my husband is obsessed with the Ebola virus. He’s convinced that it’s going to come to Minnesota and worried because I work in a school… oh jeez. I’ll keep you posted if he wraps our house in plastic.
– I went shopping yesterday and spent too much money so now I have to go back to the mall and do the walk of shame for returns- I’m not the only one who does this, right?
– I’m going to see Paul McCartney in concert tomorrow night!
– We babysat our godson last night and survived, although after 2 hours of babysitting my husband fell asleep on the couch (rookie!)
– I’m also going to see My Fair Lady tomorrow and I’m super pumped about it!
– Sunday is “Lake day” which is why all of the ridiculous swimming comments happened above
– Next week I get to go to a short story contest, a wedding, a cabin, a minor league ball game AND a Rod Stewart/Santana concert. Also, the beta test is in there.

So all in all, things are okay, they’re gonna be okay : )

Still, keep us and thing 1 and thing 2 in your prayers- I hope they’re cozy!

Happy Friday!


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