Just for fun I thought I would write about some “symptoms” I’ve had so far since the transfer. I know they could be nothing, but what else would I blog about? : )

1) Difficulty sleeping at night. I’m all settled in and then I get hot, then I’m uncomfortable and 30 minutes later I’m still not asleep. Even the dog is getting frustrated with me.

2) Uterine cramping in the afternoon. Little bitty cramps around 3/400pm. I hope it’s implantation!

3) Gas. That is all.

4) Hot flashes (the past few days and I haven’t even started my estrogen patches!)

5) Chin acne. Gross. This is like the kind I got when I was 16 and way more fertile. I hope it’s a good sign. Dear God, I will take all the chin acne you will give me for a healthy pregnancy with healthy baby(ies).

6) Huge boobs. But I think it’s the medicine (or the fact that they were big before)

7) Swollen belly (hopefully because there are babies in there!)


Anyone else have these symptoms?

Only a few more days!


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