About YPTW

I’m just another woman in her mid-20s trying to have a baby. I love acupuncture, tea, walking, yoga and massages. I have a healthy skepticism of Western Medicine. I try to keep a good sense of humor about all of the baby-making, but sometimes it gets hard. Then I get snarky, laugh and feel better. I hope this may make someone else feel better, too : )

TTC since March 2012

IUI #1- July 2013- BFN

IUI #2- August 2013- BFN

IUI #3 with Femera- September 2013- BFN

Late August 2013- Varicocele surgery for The Man

January 2014- new insurance coverage cycle and great report from Urologist!

February 2014 IUI #1 with Follistim 75(restarting because of sperm issue) ??? BFN

2 follicles, 5 million sperm

April 2014 IUI #2 Folistim 75IU BFN

2 follicles, 900,000 sperm

May 2014 IUI #3 (5) Follistim 150IU- produced WAYYY too many follicles (12+) and was told to “abstain” this cycle. WRONG. We tried anyway, and…. BFN

June 2014- consult for IVF and I have a 15 day cycle, which bumps our IVF up from August to July. Here we gooooooooo…

June 17, 2014- START BCP for IVF. I didn’t even know which pills were “active”?! Oh dear…

July 2- start Lupron

July 24- Retrieval day! 14 eggs retrieved!

Egg update: 14 retrieved- 14 fertilized with ICSI. Day 2, 12 are still growing.

July 29 –  Transfer Day. 2  day 5 blastocysts transferred (hatching) and 2 blasts frozen. Stick babies, stick!

August 4- have meltdown and epic tantrum. Recover.

August 7- Beta test #1:


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