Helpful Reads

Here is a list of some helpful books I’ve read on the road to Conception:

1. The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis -Eastern Medicine meets Western Medicine- YES!

2. Taking Charge of Your Fertility (TCOYF) by Toni Weschler                                                                                                    -Afraid of your body, don’t know what CM is, or temperature charting is? Start here and feel empowered.

3. Making Babies by David and Blakeway – They tout this as  3-month program to making babies (when I read it I thought I’d be pregnant in 3 months, that was 1 year 6 months ago) but it has a lot of good information on your traditional and non traditional options. VERY reader friendly.

4. The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant by Twenge   – Yes! I feel like after 2 years of trying I’m definitely more than patient now, but it’s good to read these fast tips and know that you are not the only woman whose brain is going 1 million miles an hour… Fast read.

5. Inconceivable by Carolyn & Sean Savage  – Woah. As a fellow Catholic, I couldn’t help but ache for and be so proud of this couple. Their transparency and ultimately gift of life was inspiring. It really helped me put my own “struggles” in persepective.

6. Inconceivable: Winning the Fertility Game by Indichova    – I love this book because it was like a huge “eat it” to the medical community. I believe so much that we have the ability to change our bodies through diet, exercise and mental health and Julia’s story is incredibly inspiring and motivating. If you feel like there is no other way- grab a wheatgrass shot and read this book.



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