IUI numero dos

So… an update.

We had our IUI on Monday, the 14th. I was doing Follistim 75 and ended up with one follicle. Really? For 1,000s worth in meds and I get one follicle, I’d rather just use my own natural ovulation. I can ovulate ONE on my own. Anyway…

I had my massage on Friday, Acupuncture Sunday and Monday and I did my vaginal steam on Sunday. It’s quite the routine now. We went in for the IUI and it went well- small amounts of cramping, but only 900,000 swimmers. I’m not sure how that happened- maybe it was a bad day, but the nurse said people get pregnant with that, so I’ll take it. I went home and napped thanks to the double-dose of dramamine  I took : )

One week in and we’re hoping for some luck!


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